Bay of Plenty Regional Council

“Bay of Plenty Regional Council cares for land, air and water throughout the Bay of Plenty region.

Keeping Te Awanui Tauranga Harbour and its catchment healthy is a priority for us. We work with tangata whenua, landowners, communities and others to provide for sustainable land and water use, pollution prevention, pest management, protection of natural areas, environmental monitoring and maritime safety.

The Kaimai Mamaku Catchments Forum brings together a diverse range of stakeholders that can make a difference to the wellbeing of Tauranga Harbour, its catchment and the communities that rely on it. Regional Council supports the Forum’s efforts to collaborate on catchment challenges and contribute to our planning work”.

Robyn Skelton, Land Management Manager


Department of Conservation

“We manage almost a quarter of the project area, being all the public conservation land in the Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park. The land we manage is almost all indigenous forest and represents the highest section of each river catchment, where the streams and rivers originate, and where the public can enjoy recreation activities, for example the many tracks and huts.
We see the Kaimai Catchments Forum as a major opportunity to build a strong consensus for action in our District, and to partner with others so that together we can do more”.

Pete Huggins – Partnerships Ranger


NZ Landcare Trust

“As the coordinator of the Kaimai Mamaku Catchments Forum and Project, NZ Landcare Trust’s role is to provide independent facilitation to enable respectful and constructive strategic collaboration by bringing together iwi and a diverse range of stakeholders and resource management agencies into an environment where dialogue and understanding about the region’s land, water and biodiversity issues can be shared.

In addition to its work in developing networks, partnerships and collaborations, the Trust also provides support for community environmental care groups, and encourages and enables the formation of new groups to take ownership of their local land and water catchment challenges”.

Kate Akers, Kaimai Mamaku Catchments Forum Coordinator


Waikato Regional Council

“Our mission is “Working with others to build a Waikato region that has a healthy environment, a strong economy and vibrant communities”. Working together toward common goals is vital for a successful Region. The environmental, economic and social issues our region is facing are complex and interlinked, and can only be resolved through the combined resources of many different agencies working in concert. Partnering with the community is the most effective way to achieve environmental, economic and social results, and WRC sees the Kaimai Mamaku Catchments Forum as a significant opportunity for collaboration with communities so they can achieve things that are important to them and to Waikato Regional Council”.

Jason Roxburgh, Area Manager – Hauraki


Other supporters

The Forum also receives generous support from the territorial local authorities which cover the project area: Hauraki District Council, Matamata Piako District Council, South Waikato District Council, Rotorua District Council, Western BOP District Council, Tauranga City Council.