Forum Strategic Plan 2014

Kaimai Mamaku Catchments Forum – Strategic Plan June 2014

Draft Forum Operational Plan 2017

This Plan identifies priority actions for the Forum to focus on for the next five years. It seeks to drive action, focused in areas where the Forum will have greatest impact – in other words: “what can the Forum do, as a collective, that no one else can do?”

This Operational Plan comprises:
• Three major collaborative projects, where the Forum can have the greatest impact.
• Four enabling actions to ensure the success of the Forum and/or associated projects.

Draft Forum Operational Plan 2017

Draft Forum Sustainability Report 2017

The Forum has been in existence now for seven years. A Strategic Plan was adopted in 2014, however, a lack of progress, in terms on-the-ground action, seems to have stalled the Forum. This is not uncommon for multi-stakeholder community groups such as the Forum.

This review is timely to identify the barriers and opportunities to an effective and sustainable Forum. It includes recommendations on:
• the role the Forum can play in the future
• how to keep the forum self-sustainable and focused over the long term.
• the type of support and resources that will be required.

Draft Forum Sustainability Report 2017

Forum engagement materials 2017

KMCF Notes – 6 October 2017 meeting

KMCF InfoSheet Jan 2017

KMCF Pre-workshop Briefing Paper Mar 2017

KMCF Tangata Whenua Workshop_handout

KMCF General Workshop

KMCF Pest Control Workshop

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