As a result of the recently agreed partnership between Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Waikato Regional Council and Department of Conservation (DOC); we are looking for an experienced Programme Manager with great relationships among iwi and hapū around the Kaimai Mamaku Ranges to help lead, plan, develop and manage the delivery of a five-year programme, as the start of a much longer programme life. This kaupapa, “Towards Thriving Kaimai Mamaku Forests,” will involve identifying and engaging / resourcing / supporting hapū and local communities to establish or grow social licence for biodiversity work including animal pest control. It will be supported by an immediate doubling of agency-funded animal pest control and a ramping up of monitoring and communication efforts.

Specific deliverables of the role include:

  1. Leading and delivering the project on behalf of the Project Governance Group and DOC Operations Manager.
  2. Working with iwi/hapū and local communities around the Kaimai Ranges at a flaxroots level, to identify and engage / resource / support individuals or groups who can grow or establish social licence for biodiversity work, including animal pest control.
  3. Collaborating with key agency staff in the planning, implementation and reporting associated with the doubling of agency-funded animal pest control.
  4. Providing effective and clear communication of the project status and direction to the project governance group, iwi/hapū, community groups and other key stakeholders, and ensure strong communications links between parties.
  5. Supporting the Project Governance Group to enable timely decision making for the project.
  6. Undertaking the core project management components of planning, reporting, coordinating, scheduling and resourcing activities for the project with key stakeholders and partners within time and budget.
  7. Creating, maintaining and reporting against an appropriate range of programme and project management documents, indicators and registers;

The work is supported through funding and governance from a Project Governance Group made up of; DOC, Bay of Plenty Regional Council (BOPRC), Waikato Regional Council (WRC) and the Manaaki Kaimai-Mamaku Trust (MKMT), while recognising that a co-decision making relationship between the Crown and Mana Whenua underpins the future management of public conservation land.

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